join us as we start our next chapter. tie the knot. get hitched. throw one hell of a party!


Our home and Twin Parks are the setting for so many special memories – including James proposing just over two years ago.  This is where we started to merge our families and build a life together.  And so, we felt it only fitting to formalize our union here as well.  We ask that you join us and be part of another incredible memory at the place where so much started for the seven of us.

This won’t be a traditional wedding and reception.  Shannon isn’t walking down an aisle or being given away, there are no bridesmaids or groomsmen, or reception agenda, just friends and family coming together to celebrate our love and families joining.

Our ceremony will start at 4:30 at the park.  Please do not park in front of our house or along the parks as we do not want your vehicle as a part of the backdrop.  After we say our “I do’s,” we invite you to head to the house where we will have food and an open bar ready for you to enjoy at your leisure.  We are thrilled to be able to celebrate with you all in person and look forward to sharing our special day with you!

On a final note, as much as we love our kids, they will be heading out around 8:30 as the party turns more adult.  We kindly ask that you do the same.


Keeping in line with the casual theme, we’ve got chef Houla from Wolf and Swallow creating a massive charcuterie, dinner from Urban Hotdog’s food truck, an array of desserts, and an open bar heavily stocked by our friend Zac’s distillery Still Spirits.

Please, no gifts — We are thrilled to finally be able to host you at our home and you joining us is gift enough!